McGeorge School of Law

Emergency Information

To report a problem that is not urgent or life threatening, contact Public Safety by calling 916.739.7200. This telephone number provides 24-hour access to all Public Safety services. In the event of a campus power outage, please contact Public Safety at 916.217.0896.

To report fire, medical emergencies, or crimes in progress, call 911. Tell the dispatcher what the problem is and where help is needed. This provides the dispatcher with the minimum information required to respond even if you cannot complete your call. Stay on the line until the dispatcher terminates the call.

Assistance for emergencies may also be obtained by using any of 23 specially marked emergency phones located throughout the campus. These phones are intended for reporting crime, fire, medical and other emergencies to campus Public Safety. They are not to be used to request access to buildings or other routine services.

When to Report a Crime or Emergency:

  • If someone is injured or ill
  • If you see or smell smoke or fire
  • If you see someone being hurt
  • If you see a crime in progress such as someone stealing, causing damage or driving while under the influence of any substance that impairs their ability to safely operate a vehicle
  • If you see something suspicious

Do not assume someone else has made or will make the call. Provide the officer(s) or dispatcher(s) with accurate detailed information about the situation so that it can be relayed to the emergency personnel who are on the way to assist.

If you are reporting a medical problem, ask someone to monitor the affected person's condition so you can relay the information to the officer(s).